Experimental Short No. 2

Client: Pink Pixel Productions Personal Project

Experimental Short No. 2

This short video was originally conceived in 2006 to capture a simple idea that brings clarity, humor and poignancy to the expression of creativity.

From drawing board to Mac, storyboard sketches to motion tests, character development, modeling and environment to final rendered animation, this is a project that has spanned close to 9 years.

The final rendering you see here envisions the understated joy and power of one of creativity’s core tools, a tool common to all creatives wishing to give flight to their ideas.

Many thanks go to those who believed in the idea and kept it alive through their encouragement. And a special acknowledgment goes to those who lent their talents to this endeavor: Drew, Marco, Brian, Bill and John, each of whom is gifted in his own unique way.

Enjoy. Share. Create.

Inform and Inspire

Jeff Pienkos: Pink Pixel Productions
Visualization, design and creative conceptualization.

With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare advertising arena, Jeff still considers himself a maverick. He is recognized by clients and colleagues alike as a collaborative conceptual and brand focused thinker; never content with the status quo. Jeff currently collaborates with a creative team that embraces his personal passion for the fusion of Art, Copy and Strategy and the exploration of all forms of multichannel marketing within the personal and non-personal space.

He has been integral to the launch of various billion-dollar brands, as well as the refreshment of mainstay campaigns and the extension of domestic brands into the global marketplace. Jeff was an early adapter and innovator in CLM Tablet-PC DSA and IVA, and helped Merck facilitate their enterprise-wide transition from a paper-based selling model to digital promotion.

This nanosite captures the spirit, passion and experience Jeff has in regards to digital animation and storytelling. He is currently embracing brand and identity assignments, campaign development, business-to-business collateral, personal and non-personal promotions, microsites, iPad deployment, and YouTube channel opportunities for clients.

His work as a graphic designer has been awarded and included in every major design publication including, Communication Arts, Print’s Regional Design Annuals, The New York Art Directors Club Annual, American Institute of Graphic Design (AIGA), The Type Director's Club Annuals, The Society of Illustrators, and Graphis.

Connect right now: jeff.pienkos@gmail.com